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Byroncare My Style In-The-Ear Digital Hearing Aids

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-Fit and Active. Byroncare In-The-Ear My Style hearing aids have innovative ergonomic outfit designs and nearly invisible. The tight fitness of lying on concha brings unprecedented all-day comfort and dynamic.

-Proud To Hear. The Bluetooth True Wireless Stereo (TWS) liked appearance aims to eliminate the stigmatization of traditional hearing aids for seniors and encourage everyone to hear proudly.

-Pick Up and Go. Byroncare My Style hearing aids’ In Ear Detection technology creates impressive brand-new user experiences. The pick-up-and-go design innovatively replaces the traditional power button with high-tech contact sensors, which make Byroncare hearing aids even easier to use.

-Active Noise Cancelling. Byroncare My Style hearing aids built-in digital acoustics processors, which divide the fundamental sound frequency into 16 channels and automatically promote or suppress sounds within these frequency slots. Hence, these intelligent hearing aids can reduce noise and amplify what you want.

-Medical Grade Devices. Distinguishing from the unpromise personal sound and hearing amplifier product (PSAP), all Byroncare hearing aids are produced by FDA-registered manufacturers and strictly follow the guidelines of OTC hearing aids regulation.

 -Rechargeable. Our rechargeable hearing aids' batteries and charging case together support your all-day usage. Free yourself from the inconvenience of regularly replacing batteries and embrace the environmentally friendly power supply pattern.

 -Decent Gift For The Elderly. Most seniors are too vain to accept hearing aids because of the stigmatization of hearing loss. Byroncare hearing aids are easy to operate with stylish outlooks, which will be a persuasive gift for seniors to improve life quality.

 -Ongoing Support. We hope everyone can acquire equal opportunity to benefit from the development of modern acoustic technology. So we proudly insist on our 30-day trial period and one-year warranty policies to help people in demand. And our customer service teams are always available whenever you need.